Sunday, November 1, 2009

Khary Rudolph

well, i first got a look at khary rudolph's style and art on deviant art. i had the opportunity to sit across from from him at nycc 3 years, but i wasnt able to talk to him. fortunatley for me, i had the opportunity to talk to him at mocca this past year and commissined him to draw lilandra, magisterix of the shi'ar empire and friend of the x-men. she turned out gorgeous.

at the big apple con, i got to see khary again, and asked him to draw on of my favorite x-men not being used, lifeguard. she has so much potential. her body reacts instinctively to guard her and others from harm. how cooler can you get? she also has shapeshifted into a royal shi'ar to escape capture once, but the shift has been held awhile. she has since returned to an almost human appearance with wings and talons. she was last seen as a member of the x-corporation. she needs to return to the x-men and soon! and of course, khary knocked this out of the park.

khary has been a an artist responsible for wolverine and the x-men, in my opinion, the best x-men cartoon to date. i have to say, i'm in love with his take on psylocke!

you can check out khary's art at: