Sunday, November 1, 2009

Khary Rudolph

well, i first got a look at khary rudolph's style and art on deviant art. i had the opportunity to sit across from from him at nycc 3 years, but i wasnt able to talk to him. fortunatley for me, i had the opportunity to talk to him at mocca this past year and commissined him to draw lilandra, magisterix of the shi'ar empire and friend of the x-men. she turned out gorgeous.

at the big apple con, i got to see khary again, and asked him to draw on of my favorite x-men not being used, lifeguard. she has so much potential. her body reacts instinctively to guard her and others from harm. how cooler can you get? she also has shapeshifted into a royal shi'ar to escape capture once, but the shift has been held awhile. she has since returned to an almost human appearance with wings and talons. she was last seen as a member of the x-corporation. she needs to return to the x-men and soon! and of course, khary knocked this out of the park.

khary has been a an artist responsible for wolverine and the x-men, in my opinion, the best x-men cartoon to date. i have to say, i'm in love with his take on psylocke!

you can check out khary's art at:

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Mike Choi

so i had the priviliedge twice to get an awesome commission by mike choi. mike started off in the industry working for top cow and had i great run on witchblade. he has recently been drawing for marvel specifically x-men related books, which you know i love.

when i first commissioned him, he was drawing x-force so i had to get one of the ladies from the book. i gave him the choice between x-23 and domino and he choose domino stating he had never been asked to draw her at a con. she turned out great.

i then saw him at the big apple con last weekend and pixie was on my list to get so i asked him to draw her. i saw him draw her in a sketch he posted on deviant art. he was practicing drawing the characters pixie, armor and anole. his pixie and so cute! well, mine turned out s much better than that one and i'm so pleased with how she turned out.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Psylocke by Joe Pekar

I had the honor of meeting and getting this awesome painting by the talented Joe Pekar at the Pittsburgh Comicon. I've been watching Joe on Deviant Art for years and I was happy to know he would be at Pittsburgh.

So as you know, I have an X-WOMAN theme when i get sketches, so I told him to pick whoever he wanted.

I was completely shocked when seeing this awesome piece of art come across the table. It was so beautiful and the colors of this scan doesn't begin to say what they say in real life. They are so bright and brilliant. So who should i get from him next?

Check out Joe's other work at:

Thursday, October 8, 2009

my absence

i know. i haven't been here in forever. i apologize to those who are watching me.

well i hope to be here more often. i have a website, deviant art site, a facebook and a twitter account on top of this blog. ugh lol

well i wanted to update some of the art i've been able to get. here are all of the pictures i've had the honor of getting from amanda conner.

so i wanna get a total of 10, so i have 5 more to get. i'm definitely getting kitty pryde, rogue, and emma frost. i haven't decided on the last two but i kicking around the ideas of sage, husk, pixie, armor, rachel grey and jubilee. any thoughts?

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Rey Arzeno

rey is the colorist on NeverMinds but he is also a fantastic artist. here is the birthday present me made me, dark phoenix, and 2 sketches i was able to get to add to my collection. i hope you like them. check out his art at

Saturday, February 14, 2009

amanda connor never ceases to amaze me. she is so talented and totally a cool chick with a heart of gold!! its truly a cool moment for me when i find out she will be at a con i'm attending as well. at nycc, we talked about rich, amanda, jimmy palmiotti and myself grabbing a drink at megacon. i'm holding you to that, amanda! lol

here's my newest "sketch" by amanda. i love how she stays true to the classic uniform but makes it her own too. she said to me " a woman isn't going to only have one outfit. she would have many! she can't wear the same outfit over and over again!"

here's storm in all her glory! i think i'm getting classic psylocke from her in megacon!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

David LaFluente

so this past weekend was the New York Comicon. its wasnt as good as it usually is for me. i guess too much competition. oh well.

i did, however, get a chance to get some great sketches from some great artists. as i'm sure you remember, i get x-women. i had the pleasure of meeting david lafluente and got this very sketch of surge from new x-men. david was the artist behind surge's story in the "x-men: divided we stand" storyline and "patsy walker:hellcat". it was no surprise, i had to get a surge picture from him. it urned out great!!! i'll be posting more sketches soon. i got new sketches from amanda coonor, mike choi, christopher jones and rey arzeno. sorry its been so long. it'll be more often!