Saturday, February 14, 2009

amanda connor never ceases to amaze me. she is so talented and totally a cool chick with a heart of gold!! its truly a cool moment for me when i find out she will be at a con i'm attending as well. at nycc, we talked about rich, amanda, jimmy palmiotti and myself grabbing a drink at megacon. i'm holding you to that, amanda! lol

here's my newest "sketch" by amanda. i love how she stays true to the classic uniform but makes it her own too. she said to me " a woman isn't going to only have one outfit. she would have many! she can't wear the same outfit over and over again!"

here's storm in all her glory! i think i'm getting classic psylocke from her in megacon!


Dave Giaimo said...

in your opening statement, did you mean to say "...ceases to amaze me" or perhaps did you intend to say "...NEVER ceases to amaze me"? The reason I ask is because your remaining post seems so praise-filled and celebratory, it contradicts the first sentence, unless you just made a little word-choice boo-boo. If so, correct it *and* delete this comment - no need to advertise that one of your readers proofread your blog! LOL
peace + cool stuff, Dave G.

Rich B. said...

This is by far one of the best sketches you're ever gotten. Love Amanda's work!

Jamie said...

lol sorry i was typing fast. i fixed it, dave! thanks!

Jamie said...

me too rich!! and i agree