Thursday, October 8, 2009

my absence

i know. i haven't been here in forever. i apologize to those who are watching me.

well i hope to be here more often. i have a website, deviant art site, a facebook and a twitter account on top of this blog. ugh lol

well i wanted to update some of the art i've been able to get. here are all of the pictures i've had the honor of getting from amanda conner.

so i wanna get a total of 10, so i have 5 more to get. i'm definitely getting kitty pryde, rogue, and emma frost. i haven't decided on the last two but i kicking around the ideas of sage, husk, pixie, armor, rachel grey and jubilee. any thoughts?


Rich B. said...

These are all excellent! Storm is still my fav, but I like them all. I like the next three you plan to get. All good choices. If you decide to get Rachel Grey you gotta get the tattoo-leather-spikes look one. Classic! lol.

Jamie said...

thanks, rich! glad you lie mine! so after kitty, emma and rogue i was kinda thinking maybe x-23 and surge. what do you think?