Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Reilly Brown

Reilly Brown has got to be one of the nicest artist I have ever met. He is very down to earth and open to talking to fans and collectors.

I first met Reilly in 2006 at the Pittsburgh Comicon. I remember passing by his table several times and liking his art. I wasnt familiar with his work at that point. He was very friendly and I got an awesome Kitty Pryde Sketch from him. I love the Kitty Pryde. She has a very cool look about her.

I saw him a couple of times after that at cons but was never able to get his list.

At the Big Apple Con this past October, he was sitting one table down. So I had to jump up and get on his list. At the Big Apple Con, I got Dagger. She and Cloak had just been in the Dark X-MEN and had just became full fledge X-MEN. He did an awesome job on her. One of my favorite from the con.

Reilly has worked on several books for Marvel over his career, including Cable and Deadpool, New Warriors, and the Incrediblr Hercules.

Check out Reilly's art here:

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