Monday, December 8, 2008

Mockingbird-Return of a Herione

so secret invasion is over. it was a wild ride. i gotta say i really liked the mini series.

the thing that i like the most was the return of mockingbird. i really liked her character and i was saddened by her supposed death. its cool that she is here because it just sets its it up to show how far back the invasion started.

she was always this down to earth, reluctant heroine in my eyes. she was fighting for the good of everyone.

well, i drew her tonight and i hope to have her in my dA gallery soon.

thank you mr. bendis for bringing back a cool hero!!!





Rich B. said...

Looks great. I always liked this character and I'm glad to see her back.

Jamie said...

thanks yo! i'm glad too. i hope she has great things coming for her! did you see the preview for her and hawkeye's book on newsarama or comicbook resources? sorry i can't remember which.