Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Sean Chen

so sean chen!! what can i say about him other than he's truly talented and a very nice guy. i first met him at the baltimore comicon in 2006 and again at the big apple con earlierthis month. i commissioned him both times. the first was of phoenix from the x-men: the end story he drew. the second was of psylocke. here is my psylocke commission for your viewing pleasure:

this picture turned out beautifully in my eyes!!! its by far one of my favs!!! i hope you enjoy it!


Pix said...

Incredible piece! Will definitely have to find more of his work!

Anonymous said...

wow, love it.

Rich B. said...

Awesome sketch. This is almost as good as the one he did for me. :)

Jamie said...

you totally have to check him out!! he's great!!

thanks. i'm so glad i own it lol.

you know mine is better!!! lol jk they are equally great!