Saturday, October 10, 2009

Psylocke by Joe Pekar

I had the honor of meeting and getting this awesome painting by the talented Joe Pekar at the Pittsburgh Comicon. I've been watching Joe on Deviant Art for years and I was happy to know he would be at Pittsburgh.

So as you know, I have an X-WOMAN theme when i get sketches, so I told him to pick whoever he wanted.

I was completely shocked when seeing this awesome piece of art come across the table. It was so beautiful and the colors of this scan doesn't begin to say what they say in real life. They are so bright and brilliant. So who should i get from him next?

Check out Joe's other work at:


Rich B. said...

This one is really great. Love the style and pose. Beautiful colors too.

Jamie said...

the colors are beyond beautiful!! he is very talented!