Saturday, October 24, 2009

Mike Choi

so i had the priviliedge twice to get an awesome commission by mike choi. mike started off in the industry working for top cow and had i great run on witchblade. he has recently been drawing for marvel specifically x-men related books, which you know i love.

when i first commissioned him, he was drawing x-force so i had to get one of the ladies from the book. i gave him the choice between x-23 and domino and he choose domino stating he had never been asked to draw her at a con. she turned out great.

i then saw him at the big apple con last weekend and pixie was on my list to get so i asked him to draw her. i saw him draw her in a sketch he posted on deviant art. he was practicing drawing the characters pixie, armor and anole. his pixie and so cute! well, mine turned out s much better than that one and i'm so pleased with how she turned out.


Rich B. said...

These are really great. The Pixie one is perfect, but I still think Domino is my fav. Too bad he will only draw characters by DC and Marvel. :P

Jamie said...

it does suck. he is such a great artist and to limit people from getting their favorite character is sad.