Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Holly Mongi

holly holly holly. you are so talented!!

holly is a good friend i met at the new york anime-con and got to know better on deviant art.

holly has an awesome style and uses alot of different mediums. my favorite being her use of watercolors. she has such great control and makes her images so beautiful.

i've had the pleasure of getting 3 amazing pieces from her. the first one i got was of pixie, the resident happy-go-lucky party girl. i thought holly would be perfect for this character.

the second piece i
got was at this last year's anime-con and i went to the opposite extreme and got the x-men brooding lethal assassin, x-23. again, holly delivered with f
lying colors. i knew she would.

third, and definitely not least, i got a beautiful psylocke in her armored costume from the late 80's. and though i love pixie and x-23, psylocke is by far my favorite. she is so gorgeous and the colors are amazing. she knocked her out of the park.

i definitely want to get more from holly and you should get something from her as well. well, here are all of my commission i've gotten from holly. check out holly's work at:


Holly Mongi said...

Thanks so much Jamie! this is incredibly nice of you!

Rich B. said...

Holly's work is amazing. She's really done some great pieces for you. I love the ones I've gotten from her too. :)

Anonymous said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................